How the Genesis Framework Turned My Business Around

Humble Beginnings

DECKERWEB David Decker Webservice - Webworking Made in Germany: with WordPress and Genesis

DECKERWEB David Decker Webservice - Webworking Made in Germany: with WordPress and Genesis

In March of the year 2000 I started my business based around various web services. This time it was some kind of side business when my studies at the University where main subjects… Remember the time, when websites were done in pure HTML with tools like Dreamweaver (at this time from a company named “Macromedia”)? Were crazy times though, and a lot of fun of course! — Later on I went as a full-time webworker making a living out of that.

WordPress Came in Place

After doing a lot of HTML websites – most of them with frames… – I regularly got news and tips about things like “WordPress” and so on. I saw sites with it and wanted that feeling too. Sometime in 2004 or 2005 (can’t remember) I tried an installation of WordPress but it didn’t work. I just failed at installing it. Maybe it was me, or my former hosting company… However, in summer of 2006 I just managed a successful test install of WordPress and that was like ‘WOW!’, finally I got some PHP script installed…! :-) In the fall of 2006 I build a full website with WordPress for the youth group of my church and it was a great success. People loved it (to my surprise!) and I learned a whole lot about that “Code Is Poetry” thing. The next year I decided to make all my websites for clients and own projects with WordPress. One of the best decisions in my business so far as it enhanced the possibilities and the process of development!

My Rescue: Genesis Framework — THE Theme Framework!

Genesis Framework - turned around the DECKERWEB business

Genesis Framework - turned around the DECKERWEB business

The webworking with WordPress ecosystem was (and IS!) really an awesome thing to do but one thing bothered me more and more, the search of the right theme, template, layout – or name it as you want. Yes, there were premium themes there already and lots of other fine free stuff but nothing of these really fit with my requirements and “feelings”. And it was everytime the same and long process: a new theme to choose and with that came a new coding structure (and “features” or name it bugs…) and new CSS layout to see and to customize. Every theme developer just did his own thing – which is great – but not for me as a single business man! So, after trying out a couple of the former StudioPress Classic Themes in summer and fall of 2009 I finally bought the Pro Plus Package of Genesis in 2010. Better late than never you might think :).

And you’re absolutely right! With the Genesis Framework I have a foundation to build upon – or just to customize. The framework is well developed, fine crafted and obviously well thought out. For example, think of the featured post/page widgets which are so flexible and real time safers too! The ever growing selection of official, free and third-party child themes is such a great pool to choose the right niche for my clients or own projects. Since I am more of an universal webworker I now can rely on the work of top-notch designers from around the world. And all can see it!

With Genesis, I finally could improve my work for my clients to build even better websites with WordPress. And the best thing of all: Genesis is in a lot of ways like WordPress itself! On one hand it comes with awesome default functionality most other themes or frameworks cannot offer and is so flexible on the other hand that there’s almost no thing you can’t do with it. It looks like Genesis and its internal principles are somewhat “related” to/with WP. So it’s a pleasure for me to make more and more steps in developing with WordPress & Genesis and also for both of them (mostly the latter of course). And to break it down like some guy named was saying recently, “…it’s so easy, even a Caveman can do it!” So, that’s a reality with WordPress AND Genesis!

Theme Development Made Easy, Flexible and Just Awesome

Would people have asked me two or three years ago about releasing a theme of myself I would have loughed out loud. Or something like that… Today, I even released my first child theme for Genesis as a freebie on the web. It’s named Autobahn and you’ll get it here!. I got pleasant feedback from New Zealand, Europe, India and North America so far! Is that overwhelming or what?!!! Yeah, it is definitely! Never thought of that, until it happened, kind of surprising myself. Without the Genesis Framework none of this would ever happened! Now, to surprise me even more, I am already in the development process of two (yes, TWO!) premium child themes for Genesis. Later this year I may launch some nice stuff, you know… ;-).

More Excitement: All It Takes Is An Ecosystem and A Rocking Community

Genesis, like WordPress itself, has a growing and absolutely mind-blowing community! Brian Gardner, Nathan Rice and the whole StudioPress team has created an ecosystem in the WordPress (theme) world. There a lot third-party theme developers already, no other framework has such a growing developer community. And then, there’s the plugins: I wouldn’t have seen that coming also, but I already launched three (yes, THREE!) small and lightweight plugins for the Genesis Framework! I am so happy with that! :) Webworking was never a fun like this before! The worldwide Genesis community is very kind and helpful! I got really great tips from other users and developers and already did localizing stuff for other developers. How cool is that? Genesis is connecting people and shifts the way they create (with WordPress). Really mind-blowing!

German Genesis Community. Yes, It’s Going To Be Worldwide :)

All the Genesis community people (and twitter hashtag followers:) will already know it, I am based in Germany. So localizing all the WordPress stuff is crucial for my clients and me! It’s our daily work so it should speak our native language, right? Yes, Sir! — So in summer of 2010 I translated the whole Genesis Framework into German language. This was, when version 1.2 was out. Now we have 1.7 – so there’s numerous hours devoted to my new tool of choice, “Genesis” :). Child theme and plugin translations followed soon afterwards. So I offered these language packs for free on my site to give something back to the community. I also began to translate a lot more WordPress plugins, including premium stuff like Gravity Forms!

In other news, I get weekly requests from Genesis users in whole German-speaking Europe. Never thought of that but with Genesis this all became a reality! At WordCamp Germany 2011 in Cologne we will have Genesis session with an Austrian developer and myself. Wow! And then I see new Genesis-powered German sites every week! A friend of mine will launch a big project in 2012. He will only work with Genesis, he said to me! As I hear such things are planned and happen I cannot help but guess other people here have the same experiences I had myself…!

So all in all I can really say from experience after all these years: The Genesis Theme Framework really did turn around my business. Or to put it even further, it just saved it for the future, I believe! So thank you all for making this possible!

And you? Any experiences with Genesis Framework so far? Just write it down in the comments below :)

About David Decker

WordPress-Enthusiast und Webworker aus dem Erzgebirge. Ich arbeite seit 2010 mit dem Genesis Framework; u.a. Übersetzer der deutschen Sprachdateien dafür. DECKERWEB betreibe ich seit 2000. Ansonsten liebe ich Wandern, Radfahren, jede Menge großartiger Musik und als Sachse natürlich immer gern einen starken Kaffee ;-) — Folge mir bei Twitter @deckerweb oder bei Facebook oder lese in meinem Blog.

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Genesis empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Whether you're a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go. It's that simple - start using Genesis now!

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  1. Have to say genesis theme framework and other frameworks made life easy for designers to create websites in couple of minutes and that too without too much knowledge of coding

  2. I must whole-heartedly agree. After failing to get our website redesign off the ground with a professional web designer, I decided to take the reigns of it myself and I couldn’t have done it without the awesome help of the Genesis framework. The support is awesome, the themes are awesome and I love that there’s a growing library of Genesis specific plug-ins. It’s really turned my business around too!