About David Decker

WordPress-Enthusiast und Webworker aus dem Erzgebirge. Ich arbeite seit 2010 mit dem Genesis Framework; u.a. Übersetzer der deutschen Sprachdateien dafür. DECKERWEB betreibe ich seit 2000. Ansonsten liebe ich Wandern, Radfahren, jede Menge großartiger Musik und als Sachse natürlich immer gern einen starken Kaffee ;-) — Folge mir bei Twitter @deckerweb oder bei Facebook oder lese in meinem Blog.

The 7 Cardinal Sins of Localizing WordPress Plugins and Themes

There's a lot of awesome things going on in the WordPress land. This CMS is just a brilliant ecosystem and more and more devs jumping on the bandwagon. Still, there are basic things - call them standard - which aren't addressed with the attention they'd actually need. And there's this need, definitely. Read on, about some nightmares I've seen within WordPress code broken down to seven cardinal … [Read more...]

Tutorial: How to Add a Widgetized 404 Error Page Template in Genesis

Normally, it should never happen that your visitors see a 404 error page on your web site. Still, it happens a lot. This is life as we know it... Typical default WordPress behavior: "Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post." (followed by a search field - all in all not customizeable without coding ...) Typical default … [Read more...]

How the Genesis Framework Turned My Business Around

Humble Beginnings In March of the year 2000 I started my business based around various web services. This time it was some kind of side business when my studies at the University where main subjects... Remember the time, when websites were done in pure HTML with tools like Dreamweaver (at this time from a company named "Macromedia")? Were crazy times though, and a lot of fun of course! … [Read more...]

GenesisThemes started

GenesisThemes finally started online! Here I want to post some info about the Genesis Framework for WordPress. The perfect reason for the start of the site was the release of the first Genesis theme from Germany - the FREE Child Theme "Autobahn." It was created by David Decker of DECKERWEB :-). Where this journey will bring us we'll see. Planned are definitely some reports of new themes, … [Read more...]